Local Food and Drink Deals (www.LocalFoodandDrinkDeals.com) has been created to find food and drink deals all over the U.S. Local Food and Drink Deals allows you to search for the best food and drink deals, and restaurant deals at local establishments every night of the week throughout the United States. The website is currently only in beta stage, so stay tuned for LOTS of improvments.

Things to come: Users will be able to go onto the site where their location and the day of the week will be automatically recognized. From there, users will be taken to a page with a list of all local deals for that area and a map on the other side for easy directions. An advance search will allow users to search by city and state, or by address and radius. Users will be able to click on a restaurant or bar and view details such as phone, address, and most importantly, all of the deals for the week. Users with FaceBook, Twitter, or a RSS feeder will be able to easily follow us along using the site.

Individual users will also be able to login and enter deals for restaurants or bars they have visited, which will benefit the community. Help others find great food and drink deals at restaurants and bars, that at one time were only know by locals

Businesses will be able to login and claim their restaurant or bar on LocalFoodandDrinkDeals.com. After a business is claimed, they will be able to update the contact info, change their weekly deals, and add a logo, which is all free of charge. Additional features will include paid geographical advertising and eventually a FaceBook , Twitter , Iphone, and Andriod App, which will be for businesses. These apps will also allow businesses to have a presence on some of the largest social networks and mobile applications in the world without having to monitor them. This is a huge benefit for small businesses that do not have the resources to utilize these great marketing tools.

Get started by creating your own profile and start adding your own deals today.